Modernist Residence Cal-Mod Ranch
Miller White House Etcheverry House

-  Available for Purchase!

One of our biggest projects to date! This amazing home built in 1928 was a sore site when we purchased it. Once grand, this 3200 sq ft home had been subdivided, altered, and had the majority of its original character and architectural identity either destroyed or removed. However, with 6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and a 4 bridge view - we knew this home was well worth the investment to return it to its glorious past. And we've done just that… Read more...

-  Sold! See our previous renovation!

This 4 bedroom 3 bath home had definitely seen better days but had all the elements we look for in our projects; great views, excellent location, lots of space to re-envision and of course loads of potential. Built in 1948, this home was a series of small spaces, dead ends and odd design choices. With some strategic floor plan changes and thoughtful design additions this home now has what it takes to be a Bee Renovated property; a new open floor plan, bright and light spaces, seamless indoor/outdoor flow and plenty of glass that frames fantastic Bay views. Read more...

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